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Last Updated : 8th August, 2021


For my mobile devices I am currently using an iPhone 11 64GB and an iPad Air 2020. The iPad mostly gets used for content consumption and reading books through the Kindle app.

Any larger computing needs are fulfilled by my current laptop, a Dell Inspiron 7560. It’s pretty old at this point and rather slow but it does the job. Work is done on a Macbook Pro 16” provided by the company I work for.

To chill at the end of a day I often game on a Playstation 5.


The OS of choice on my personal laptop is Windows 10 (gasp). I was a long-time Linux user and have gone through most popular distros over the years but I occasionally like playing games on my laptop and hate having to switch operating systems. For any sort of programming work WSL2 Ubuntu paired with VSCode provides me most of what I need. I’m really not very picky with this sort of stuff now and just use what works.

For work I’m usually coding in Java, for which I use IntelliJ IDEA on my Macbook. For any sort of personal development I use either Sublime Text or VSCode. I would switch to VSCode entirely but Sublime is so quick that I keep going back to it. For quick editing I use Neovim. Shell of choice is zsh with OhMyZsh and Powerlevel10k. Dotfiles for everything can be found here.

I prefer writing notes/articles in Markdown which then go into either Bear or Simplenote or both.


Since most of my day is spent sitting in front a screen the quality of peripherals makes a huge difference in comfort.

I have a single monitor setup with a Dell 24” Monitor. Going to add a second monitor to this soon with the current one possibly going vertical. Not sure about that right now.

For typing I use an Epomaker SK64 with Gateron Brown switches (with foam I added in the case for those thonks). It’s definitely better than any membrane keyboard but I am planning to invest in something better down the line. My mouse is only really used when I’m gaming. I have a Razer Viper which works well for that purpose.

For music I have a pair of Sony XB450 cans which are just okay. Planning to get something better soon.

Other Stuff

I have a little plant at my desk from Ugaoo. I suggest everyone have a real plant on their desk, really adds to the aesthetic and has a calming feeling to it.

I own a Yamaha Pacifica 112J with a Blackstar ID Core 10 V2 for when I’m feeling like noodling. I don’t really practice much these days but I would really like to get back into it.